The Land of Bucium
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The Bucium Valley Museum


             The Bucium valley museum will be established in an old house of Bucium, which will be restored in the next couple of years. The first element to be restored is the woden roof, covered with the traditional shingles ("sindrila"), made by a local craftsman. The finds resulted from the archaeological research will be exhibited as part of a presentation of the gold mining in this region, from prehistory to modern times.

             The 19th and 20th century traditional mining techniques will be completed by a full-size reconstruction of a stamping mill, exhibited nearby the main building and used for practical demonstrations of ore processing. The museum will host a summer school in landscape and mining archaelogy every year, in order to train young Romanian students for new branches of research and conservation of the ancient mine heritage. Both foreign and Romanian professors will offer lectures and direct practical work in the region.

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