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Finds from the Bronze and Iron Age are known in the area, but the rich gold mines cut in the Corabia Mountain made this place well-known in the Roman world. During the Middle Age, German miners were settled close to the Romanian villages, their memory being preserved by some family names even today.


Bucium cover a large area and so we recommend that a visit starts with the INFORMATION AND VISITORS RECEPTION CENTRE, located at the Ursita Inn. There you will find information on the area and the various itineraries. This is a centre set up by the Alburnus Maior Association and its didactic montage provides an understanding of gold mining in Bucium and the changes implied by the Roman, Middle Age and modern workings in the area. The center offers guided tours of Bucium and other areas of interest and other services (riding or renting a waggon). The visitors may also have the unique experience of living the past with families of old miners whitch will guide them through the ancient techniques of gold panning and traditional agricultural labours.

For more information contact us at or call the INFORMATION AND VISITORS RECEPTION CENTRE (telephones +40(0)723 230 790 , +40(0)258784082, +40(0)740 230 920)

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